We're addressing the cloud and data skills gap as technologists

We have a history of deploying innovation through emerging technologies, adding value, increasing growth, and market presence for our customers.

We build impactful data platform solutions for leading organisations, utilising data science & AI, unlocking business intelligence and driving outcomes.

Technical Capability

Technical capability

Our technical team is one of the best in its space. We capitalise on that expertise to ensure that graduates receive the best possible training. Our experts oversee every part of the graduate's progress to ensure they develop a strong skill set at a dynamic pace.

Onboarding & induction

Our grads undergo onboarding and induction with us for the first month, then begin working effectively on your projects whilst continually mentored. Their mentors lead our technical delivery teams so you can be assured of their expertise and day-to-day business experience.

Onboarding & induction
 Commercial awareness

Commercial awareness

Cloudgrads are trained for commercial awareness, including soft skills such as teamwork, problem-solving and thinking outside the box. They enter your workforce as a permanent, fully-trained employee after 12-months if you choose.

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As leaders in the deployment of emerging technologies, we are proud to have close involvement in Microsoft's cloud Azure story from its humble beginnings.