We invest in brilliant grads to create engineering transformation

How we build your next generation talent pipeline

  • 01 Upskilling

    We take the basics and advance them light-years in the cloud and data fields, so grads have the necessary skills to move quickly in the cloud.

  • 02 Structure

    Mentorship happens on the job through real-world deliveries. We pair and mentor grads to make new cloud developers feel good about getting software into production.

  • 03 Agile

    We promote openness and ownership through agile and scrum, working hand-in-hand with your grads on projects to enable them to deliver within a framework.

  • 04 Professional skills

    We teach presentation skills to both technical and non-technical audiences to enable new grads to showcase their achievements.

  • 05 Community

    We have monthly Data Engineering, Data Science and BI sharing sessions to encourage our team to have highly technical, literate presentation skills.

  • 06 Certification

    We put our new team members Azure certifications, so they have the highest quality professional exams behind them when they are placed.

We're addressing the cloud and data skills gap as technologists

Our technical team is one of the best in its space, and we capitalise on that expertise to ensure that graduates receive the best possible technical training. Our experts oversee every part of the graduate's progress to ensure they are developing a strong skill set at a dynamic pace.

Our method
Technical Capabilities

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