We generate success by working with our partner ecosystem

Technology partners

  • Microsoft

    Azure is our chosen cloud computing solution. It is a proven cloud for modern business innovation, with the ability to transform your data into real-time insights with highly secure enterprise-scale analytics.

    Azure allows Elastacloud to build extraordinary digital transformation experiences for all of our customers. Azure is a global network of data centres with the largest compliance portfolio of any cloud service provider and an impressive commitment to sustainability, all at infinite scale and with high availability.

    "I believe the Cloudgrads programme and what it offers graduates who are passionate about technology is a fantastic opportunity. The blend of real-life industry experience and comprehensive coaching and mentoring is second to none when it comes to finding the right place for starting a career in Azure and cloud technologies as a whole."

    - Clare Riley, Education Skills Lead for Microsoft UK

  • databricks

    Since 2018 and prior to it becoming generally available, we have been working with Databricks on Azure to deliver exceptional services to our customers for data engineering, data science, analytics and machine learning.

    Databricks' unified analytics platform reduces operational complexity significantly. It enables our customers to rapidly deploy scalable solutions for their big data workloads, whilst providing a rich, collaborative environment to develop and deploy new solutions that meet their growing needs.

    "Elastacloud has long been synonymous with excellence and innovation in data. To gain fast business benefit with Databricks requires a knowledge exchange partnership. The potential of the deep Databricks expertise of Elastacloud combined with the embedding of Data Engineering skills with their Cloudgrads initiative will mean our customers can accelerate their end to end Databricks implementation to deliver faster value and avoid the skills deficit"

    - Kim Nash, EMEA Business Development Director at Databricks

University partners

Our university partners play an essential role in attracting talent and engaging students to get involved in the programme. We strive to collaborate and work on events each year to support the universities' programme and projects, and are committed to supporting their diversity and inclusion goals.

  • University of Lincoln

    "The Cloudgrads programme is a fantastic opportunity for graduates to being their cloud career and learn from experienced cloud professionals. Through the programme they will learn about cutting-edge cloud technologies that are applied across a range of industries, and also have access to the latest certification opportunities to further their personal development."

    - Derek Foster, Associate Professor in Computer Science

    University of Lincoln
  • Nottingham Trent University

    "This is a brilliant opportunity - graduates are offered a nurturing environment to not only kickstart but also futureproof their careers within the data technology sector. The Cloudgrads programme allows graduates to gain real-world experience of working on live client projects, thus increasing their commercial awareness, alongside being mentored by experts to achieve industry-recognised certifications."

    - Lucy Moore, Sustainability & Employer Engagement

    Nottingham Trent University

Community Partners

  • Shanti Bhavan

    Our ethos is to instil a sense of confidence and community into the next generation of technical talent. For this reason we created Cloudgrads. Our plan with Cloudgrads is to build sustainable and social equity in the areas we work.

    We are doing this because, it is just the right thing to do as we believe that the world would be a much better place if we all work together to ensure that no one should be left behind; no matter where they come from, what their beliefs are or the colour of their skin. We do this by;

    1. Taking graduates and mid-career individuals that have the passion and mindset to make a difference and train them with the next generation of digital skills.

    2. Our unique training combines; coaching, training classes and on the job experience. This will provide the individual a sense of value while enabling the organizations to grow their digital talent.

    3. For each graduate that is in our programme we donate money to pay for 1 person’s cost at Shanti Bhavan thus helping others in need. We will be looking to grow this network across other countries where we operate.

    4. Each Cloudgrad will give at least 1 hour of their own time each month to mentor and support children and teach them IT literacy and how to code. We believe that this will teach our trainees a sense of service.

    We believe that rediscovering our sense of service by providing the digital skills for the future and ensure that our values are passed on to the people we support we will be able to make a step change to making this world a better place for everyone.

    Shanti Bhavan