We are proud to have a diverse and talented team

Meet the Cloudgrads team

Our technical team is one of the best in its space and we capitalise on that expertise to ensure that graduates receive the best possible coaching and mentoring.

Mentorship team

  • Amanda Fernandez

    Amanda Fernandez

    "My advice for graduates entering the technology sector is prove your enthusiasm, sharpen your skills, be passionate and have confidence, and last but not least, gain experience."

  • Antonio Cortes

    Antonio Cortes

    "The technology sector is a changing environment, learning and improving yourself and your skills is part of the process."

  • David Flores

    David Flores

    "Data engineering is about connecting and transforming data, but if you look further, above this data are actually pieces of the world itself."

  • Daniel Cortes

    Daniel Cortes

    "The voracity to learn new things, is the most valuable skill."

  • Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez

    "No one is born understanding everything. Having a mentor maximises your learning curve by teaching and involving you in real-world problems."

  • Maria Gabarron

    Maria Gabarron

    "It is important to have a mentor who supports you and encourages you to reach the highest goals, to take the next step to succeed in business."

  • Seda Aykutlu

    Seda Aykutlu

    "Find what you are passionate about, and most importantly enjoy your journey all the way through!"

Business & operations team

  • Richard Conway

    Richard Conway


  • Mitch Bulajic

    Mitch Bulajic


  • Gary Hunter

    Gary Hunter

    Business Development

  • Louise Douglas

    Louise Douglas

    HR Lead

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  • Annajoy David

    Annajoy David

    Programme Director

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